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Called by name

Isaiah 43:1


Hi and welcome to Called by Name! My name is Eva, and I love creating beautiful, unique, personalized items! Growing up, I was always so envious of the kids in school that had cute, personalized pencils, pens and notebooks. Every time my parents took me to the store, I would always look for my name only to be disappointed! EVA was not a very popular name until Eva Longoria came onto the scene. Thank you, Eva Longoria!


When my daughter was born in 2001 and we named her Demetria, after my mom, I knew she would have the same challenge. So in 2002, I said good-bye to a career in Information Technology and started a personalized stationary business from home, The Card Lady. I created stickers, notepads, notecards, bag tags and so much more - I placed my daughter’s name on everything I could get my hands on! :) 


Recently, as God began breathing freshness into my business I felt a need for change. I remembered the verse God gave me in the beginning, "I have called you by name, you are mine.” Isaiah 43:1 I decided to change my business name to "Called By Name”. Isn’t it a wonderful feeling when someone calls you by name? Being known gives you a sense of belonging, it warms your heart and connects you to the person calling your name. My prayer for you is that as you visit my site, you will keep in mind that Jesus Christ knows who YOU are, and He desires to know you intimately.


I look forward to creating beautiful things for you!

 Blessings and Enjoy! 





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